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If you are a parent, and you are fighting it out every single day to make your children brush their teeth- we completely understand your pain.

Things to do to prevent cavities in children

It is indeed a tedious job to make the little ones understand the importance of oral health. However, it is more difficult to restrict them from eating candies and chocolates, which may be the reason for the growth of cavities that are detrimental to their teeth health.

Adults must have a sound understanding of their child’s oral habits and how oral practices can safeguard the teeth from getting damaged. If, as a parent, you are struggling to understand the appropriate techniques that would help your little one develop strong and healthy teeth, this blog is a must-read for you.

Let’s begin.

1.    Don’t sugarcoat

From chocolates to cakes to soda, every food item made of sugar, if consumed regularly, damages the teeth.

However, there is no denying that these are the things every child craves for. It is here where adult intervention is required. It is the responsibility of the elders to make their children understand how sugary or acidic food can cause harm to their children’s oral health. Proper knowledge and healthy oral practices will help to safeguard the tooth from cavities.

2.    Keep brushing on

Negligence towards brushing is a common phenomenon. However, it is not right to blame the little ones only. Sometimes, adults also tend to commit the crime of not brushing twice a day.

So, to establish a strong dental foundation and minimize the chances of growth of cavities in the teeth, elders must inculcate the habit of brushing daily in their children. Plan and make brushing an entertaining activity for the little ones so that they enjoy brushing regularly.

3.    To floss or not to floss

Flossing is underrated, and most people do not understand its importance.

Floss can reach the hidden and narrow spaces where the bristles of the toothbrush may not be able to reach. Teach the child the correct techniques of flossing to ensure that cavities don’t grow in the hidden parts of the teeth.

4.    A dental checkup is a necessity

Some questions may arise, like when should the child visit a dentist? Or what is the right age for children to start brushing?

In some cases, parents find it difficult to decipher the right time and right techniques that would help their child develop the habit of taking care of their oral health. To eradicate such doubts, visiting a dentist is necessary. Also, regular dental checkups help in the early detection of dental hazards, thus lowering the chances of complexity.

Oral health is of utmost importance from a very tender age. Recommendations of dentists and correct supervision of adults are two ways that will help children have healthy mouths and teeth. So, inculcating healthy food habits and adopting the right brushing and flossing techniques will help lay a strong dental foundation for your little ones.

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