Sports Mouth Guard In Whitefield | Teeth Guard | Bangalore

Unlock the power of the Jaws and protect the teeth while playing.

Sports Mouth Guard In Whitefield | Teeth Guard is an essential accessory during sporting activity to protect teeth.  Additionally, research has shown that wearing a mouth guard can enhance the ability of the sportsmen.  Sporting, especially contact sports, is a strenuous activity and can result in clenching of the teeth which is a natural fight or flight response.  Clenching triggers stimulation of hormones such as cortisol and affects breathing resulting in reduction of strength, power and speed and increased lactic acid production. This ironic frailty adversely affects the performance as well as health.  In ancient times Greek athletes are known to bite down on leather straps to enhance performance during competition.

During a sporting activity, mouth is vulnerable to injury and wearing a sports mouth guard helps in protecting the teeth from injury due to trauma.   Furthermore, with the fear of injury to the mouth out of the way, this can also raise the confidence of the sportsmen and help him perform better.  This is an important sports gear for every sportsman.

Increases Strength:  Mouth guard diminishes stress level and improves breathing.

Increases Endurance: Mouth guard improves airflow and reduces lactic acid production after intense exercise.

Speeds up Reaction Time:  Due to improved breathing and increase oxygen to the brain, reaction time is faster when a sportsman is wearing a mouth guard.  Research show improved reaction to both auditory and visual cues.

Reduces Athletic Stress:  As mentioned earlier, excess cortisol stimulation causes stress and fatigue.  As the mouth guard reduces cortisol stimulation, this results in more vitality and better performance.

Reduces Impact: The most obvious purpose of wearing a mouth guard is shielding the jaw from impact.  The force of impact to the jaw can be transmitted to the brain which can cause concussions.  Sports mouth guard diminishes the effect of impact to the jaw.

Sports Mouth guard are an essential gear for:

Full Contact Sports:  Martial arts, boxing, hockey, wrestling

Non-Contact Sports:  Football, Volleyball

Limited Contact Sports:  Cycling, gymnastics, basketball, skating


Custom made mouth guards are made to give that perfect fit and are available in different colors.  We have a wide range of mouth guards to suit every need such as free style, single or Tricolour (Victor Trio) and transparent.