Best Preventive Dentistry Clinics in Whitefield | Bangalore

Best Preventive Dentistry Clinics in Whitefield gives a latest concept in preserving oral health.  It works on principles of prevention is better than cure and nipping the problem before it grows.  At Sunshine Dental our aim is to prevent cavities, gum disease, tooth infection, etc rather than treating it and promoting oral health awareness.

The benefit of preventive dental care is available for all.  Even people who are edentulous (absence of teeth) and wear dentures can benefit from it as diseases such as mouth cancer and denture stomatitis can be diagnosed earlier during regular visits to the dental team.  Children and young adults have the most to gain from it, however, it is never too late to start.


At Sunshine Dental, after assessing oral health, a treatment plan is recommended if required to restore oral health and then devising a maintenance plan to keep enjoying its benefits.

Complete oral hygiene instructions regarding diet, regular brushing of teeth and gum care is given by our Dental Team.

Fluoride help in keeping teeth healthy and our team of Dentists recommend the right fluoride toothpaste to use.  Fluoride varnishes are also valuable in preventing toothy decay in children.