Best Gum Care Whitefield | Bangalore

Best Gum Care Whitefield | Bangalore

Taking care of the gums is equally important as taking care of the teeth.  Gums can become infected, sore or swollen leading to problems with the teeth.  A very common gum problem is bleeding during brushing and bad breath.  Gum disease need to be tackled early as they are the support structure of the teeth and neglecting it can lead to loose gums when the teeth becomes mobile and eventually fall out.

Therefore, it is vital to take care of the gums and maintain good oral hygiene by regularly visiting the dentist.


Education on gum protection and oral hygiene is given in detail and the effect of oral health on the overall health of the body is explained.

Latest ultrasonic scalers (Satelec from France) are used to clean and polish the teeth.

Specialist Periodontist carry out the treatment and laser therapy is used for treating certain gum problems.