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The first permanent tooth will emit in your kid’s mouth by around 6 years old. Between 6-13 years the Kid will have some changeless and some milk teeth. Above 13 years every single permanent tooth are found in the oral cavity

As the milk teeth are peeled and permanent teeth replace them there could be some different changes in how the kid’s teeth look like and this may make the parents anxious.

7 years of age is the right time to meet an orthodontist

Best Orthodontic Treatment in Whitefield, Bangalore | Sunshine Dental

Best Orthodontic Treatment in Whitefield, Bangalore | Sunshine Dental

A person having issues with their jaws which might be due to heredity, injury etc then the adjustment of the bones can happen only during the growth period of a person. Hence if the patient sees the orthodontist amid the development time frame (under 12-13 years) the bone issues can be managed. If a Kid consults the orthodontist after this period, the medical procedure might seem to be an inescapable option for correction.

Similarly, more kids tend to have a thumb sucking habit which may lead to the growth of teeth in an improper alignment. Before the permanent teeth start showing remedy for these should be found as soon as possible. Here the issues are only with the alignment of teeth, therefore, we need to wait until all the permanent teeth begin to appear and correction is possible only after that.

We need to ensure that all milk teeth are in good shape. On the other hand, If there is decay you must get the teeth filled and spare the tooth. For any reason, if the child loses a milk tooth then it is really necessary to replace the missing tooth. As the loss of a milk tooth will push the erupting new tooth out of place and also will cause loss of space for the permanent successor tooth and causes alignment problems.

So to be on the safer side and as a precaution get your child examined by an orthodontist for the Best Orthodontic Treatment in Whitefield by the time your child reaches 7 years of age