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You have visited a dentist for a pain in one of the tooth and your dentist after close examination suggest a treatment option for you. Dentist advises you for a Root Canal Treatment.

Yes, you will have lots of question to ask your dentist before you start the treatment.

Let’s us discuss some most common question about Root Canal Treatment by Dr Sai Keerthi Sundar, but before let us know what is Root Canal

If a tooth is badly infected or decayed then usually Root Canal Treatment is advised. During the procedure the tooth is cleaned and the nerves and pulp are removed and then it is sealed. If the infected tooth is not treated then the surrounding tissue will get infected and abscesses may form.


1. Are Root Canal Treatments painful?

Usually Root Canal Treatment is done to relief the pain. The procedure is not very painful if it is done by an experienced dentist. Most of the cases the treatment is done quickly and it is less painful.


2. How many visits are required for the entire procedure?

In recent era the entire treatment can be completed in one to three visits. This is possible because of technology and Endodontic science; however the exact number of visits will be decided by the dentist depending on the severity infection.


3. What will happen if I don’t get Root Canal Treatment done?

If an infected tooth is not treated then it may cause serious problems. Infection can spread and form abscess. If abscess is present, it indicates the infection has spread to the jawbone and surrounding tissues. In some cases infection can even spread to tissues of face, the floor of the mouth and even the brain.


4. How to identify that I have an abscessed tooth?

How to identify that I have an Abscessed Tooth

The most important symptoms are Pain and swelling. The swelling is filled with pus, decayed white blood cells and bacteria. It is very unpleasant

Some other symptoms are:

  • Fever and severe pain
  • Neck glands are swollen
  • It causes pain while chewing
  • Gums are swollen and has developed redness
  • Mouth has a bitter taste
  • Tenderness in gums
  • Foul breath
  • Teeth become sensitive to cold or hot
  • General discomfort and uneasiness
  • An open, draining sore on the side of the gum
  • swollen area of the upper or lower jaw


5. My dentist gave me antibiotic and now my pain is gone. Is the infection gone as well?

Sometimes, the toothache will stop because the infection destroys the pulp of your tooth, or the antibiotic helped the body overcome the bacteria. However, this doesn’t mean that the infection is no more. The source of the infection i.e. the infected nerve hasn’t been treated, so infection will continue to spread if left untreated even though you stopped having symptoms.


6. Are there ways to help anxious patients? Can the Root Canal Treatment be done under general anesthesia?

Most of the patient will have Dental phobia and is a serious issue. Keep your dentist informed about the fear and anxiety. This will help your dentist to plan out your treatment as there are many ways to tackle this situation like oral sedation and hypnosis.


7. Shall I consult an Endodontist for my Root Canal Treatment? Can my dentist do it?

Consult an Endodontist for Root Canal Treatment in Whitefield

It is advised to visit an Endodontist as they are specialized in diagnosing, managing and treating root canal infection

To become an Endodontist it require advanced education: An additional education in advanced specialty program in endodontics is required after completing dental

Endodontist have specialized expertise: Since their major focus is root canal treatment it makes them more expert and experience in the above field. Usually an Endodontists does more root canal treatment then a general dentist.

Endodontists are expert in pain management: They use advance and specialized techniques and makes ensure that patient is very comfortable in entire treatment .They uses numbness medication to relief the pain during the procedure

Endodontist use cutting-edge technologies: This is a very important factor as Endodontist uses all advanced equipment so that the treatment become more comfortable . They use instruments like as dental operating microscopes, dental dam and 3D imaging.

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