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Dr Sai Keerthi Sundar

Dentist, Cosmetic/Aesthetic Dentist

Dr Sai Keerthi Sundar | Aesthetic Dentist In Whitefield, Bangalore

Dr Sai Keerthi Sundar, Best Dentist In Whitefield, is a UK trained proficient dentist and practicing since 1998. After completing her graduation from Bangalore, Dr Sai left for higher training to the UK in 1999. Dr Sai spent the next 11 years undergoing training in some of the best dental schools, hospitals and practices in the UK. She passed her IQE (International Qualifying Examination) in 2006, a highly competitive licensing examination that allows full registration with the General Dental Council UK. Dr Sai spent a year undergoing Vocational Training (2007-8) in the Northern Postgraduate Deanery, Newcastle. She was attached to a private dental clinic in Liverpool before returning to Bangalore in 2010.

Dr Sai underwent advanced training in Dental Implants for 1 year in Birmingham, UK. She is an Osteo-Ti Certified Implant Surgeon. In pursuit of her ambition to provide high-quality cosmetic dentistry, Dr Sai has attended the Beginner, Advanced and Masterclass levels of training at Dr Bob Khanna Training Institute, London, UK. She is well-versed in the use of Botox®, Juvaderm Ultra®, Evolence® and Restylane, Sub-Q range of products for facial rejuvenation and cosmetic dentistry.

Dr Sai has been practicing dentistry for the past 21 years and Sunshine Dental is the realisation of her long-standing dream to provide dental care in Bangalore of an international standard. The equipment, materials, techniques and processes at Sunshine Dental Multispeciality Dental Clinic & Implant Centre reflect her wide exposure to applied clinical dentistry as practiced in the UK.