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In our everyday life, an inseparable daily routine is oral care or maintaining good dental hygiene. And the purpose of oral care doesn’t end at avoiding any kind of cavities and infections but also for good appearance reasons as well. The influence of celebs presenting their perfect teeth on the TV each time has made having a beautiful smile a necessity. However oral hygiene is not free from myths and improper understandings.

Below is an extract of a wonderful conversation we had with one Oral Care Expert on the various myths we keep hearing on Dental hygiene and the facts that we must know.

Myth: With every new birth, women tend to lose a tooth at least.

Truth: One of the funniest among myths that we are going to discuss here today.

Yes, of course, during pregnancy, there will be hormonal changes expected that might lead to multiplied bacteria growth in the mouth and may cause gum bleeds. However, if you have the habit of regular dental checkups you may even forget about the outcomes of these changes and related side effects and also never worry about any chance of tooth loss. Also, notice how surprisingly a simple- regular check-up works in your favour here.

Myth: Tooth whitening can also be got done at beauty parlours itself.

Truth: As per the Medical Organizations Teeth whitening is a sub-function of dentistry and is recommended to be performed by a qualified dentist. It is quite possible these days in the era of multiple services at one place, like a facial being offered right after your haircut at a hair salon, you may have come across some beauty parlours offering you with teeth whitening as a part of their grooming kit, but please be aware that such services are not considered legal especially in the instance where there is no presence of any dental professional and may come attached health risks.

Myth: Looking after baby teeth aren’t important.

Truth: Let us begin answering this with a fact. Tooth decay can affect baby teeth the same way it affects the permanent teeth as well if left unchecked assuming it is not permanent and the infection will vanish once the baby infected baby teeth fall off. Cavities among baby teeth also cause the same amount of pain resulting in children becoming restless and troubled. The stats reveal baby tooth decay may lead to extraction even when they are less than 5 years old requiring the use of general anaesthesia at such an early age.

Myth: Root canal treatment is extremely painful.

Truth: You would have heard from many that nothing is more painful than a root canal treatment. The fact is it is a painless procedure and local anaesthesia administered to you takes care of that very well. The worry behind such a thought could be that any form of tooth infection that necessitates a complete root canal extraction is expected to come with a tremendous amount of pain.

However please be rest assured since it’s a procedure without any pain since anaesthesia is administered and do feel comfortable in going for the procedure whenever necessary without any hassle.

Myth: Pulling of coconut can brighten teeth and stronger also.

Truth: What happens in Coconut pulling is that it may involve swishing of coconut oil in and around the mouth for about 15 minutes and is believed to come with few goods of benefits like tooth whitening, treating decay and avoiding cavities. As per Expert dentists, this is not backed up by scientific evidence, who also add Gum disease is caused by bacterial loading and removal is dependent on mechanical and chemical debridement. If there are hard deposits called calculus, they need to be removed mechanically. This needs to be performed by the dentist with medical tools only. Mainly Peroxide is used to achieve whitening, which breaks down the molecules that cause discolouration.


Myth: Rinsing your mouth with water right after you brush your teeth helps.

Truth: No, you shouldn’t do that why because toothpastes contain many elements that help to protect our mouth for the rest of the day after brushing. If instead of just spitting if we go for rinse again these elements like fluorides will also get flushed out and the mouth protection gets compromised. They also help in keeping decay away and limit the amount of acid formation by the bacteria in your mouth.

Myth: The growth of Wisdom teeth leads to overlapping of teeth at the front row.

Truth: The fact is these two events are independent of each other and alignment issues usually will have a clear cause. Let’s say because they did not use assigned retainers on their teeth, post straightening through braces in their earlier years.

So wisdom teeth causing crowding and overlapping of teeth at the front of your mouth is a pure misconception.

Myth: You should avoid brushing bleeding gums.

Truth: Before we think over the topic we must know that gum bleeding is typically induced by a build-up of plaque along the gum line. You may naturally feel like avoiding such spots where it is bleeding but doing so it doesn’t contribute to any relief as the plaque still remains there and does the damage.

So they say the ideal option to reduce bleeding of such gums is to better your oral care routine and not decrease it.

Myth: Adding lemon juice to your brushing routine will give you whiter teeth.

Truth: Fact is different. This practice is not recommended by dentists since we must understand that lemon juice comes with a lot of acidic properties and it’s capable of causing lasting damage to the enamel of teeth when inside the mouth. Thereby maybe requiring you to go for a tooth filling or even extraction on the severe side. A simple solution is to go for a for good quality toothpaste with whitening enhancing properties.

Myth: I do not have any toothache so I don’t need to visit the dentist.

Truth: Interesting fact is most dental diseases usually won’t cause any pain till they have already reached an advanced stage. And if you remember in myth number one how a regular check-up can offer you surprising benefit at various stages of life. So please do not ignore the regular checkups – keep your teeth and gums healthy and stay away from pains and discomforts.

So in a nutshell – Use of the right toothpaste and brush as per your oral care needs – regularly getting your teeth examined and avoiding those home remedies that are not proven to work, with evidence will ensure your smile stays brighter even along with each passing year.

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