In this Blog , Dr Sai Keerthi Explains everything you need to know about what to do and what not to do after a tooth extraction. 


Normally, a tooth extraction is carried out as a last resort. There are many reasons your tooth may have to be pulled out. The tooth may be impacted and as a result may be undermining the adjacent healthy teeth. 


Sometimes the tooth needs to be extracted if it is diseased.


Tooth extraction is also carried out if there is overcrowding to make space and allow you to get that perfect smile. 


Irrespective of the reasons for your tooth extraction, it is always good to be aware of the do’s and don’ts that you must follow after the extraction process. 


Let’s start with the do’s




By rest I don’t mean bedrest! But yes after a tooth extraction, take care that you don’t over exert the area for the first 24 hours.


Also I recommend my patients to avoid exercise for a day. Try to keep your head in an upright position as this will aid a speedy recovery. Rest helps your body to get back to normal quickly.


Blood clot at the region


When a tooth is extracted, we ask our patients to bite down on a gauze piece for around 30 minutes, so that a blood clot is formed at the region. The clot protects the region so that the bone and nerves underneath are not exposed to food or air, eliminating chances of infection.



Drink lots of water


Drinking water and keeping yourself hydrated helps the recovery process after your tooth extraction.


Ice packs


Best Tooth Extraction Clinic in Whitefield, Sunshinedental

Best Tooth Extraction Clinic in Whitefield, Sunshine dental


Normally when we do tooth extraction, there is no swelling. But if you do see swelling after the procedure, consider applying an ice pack. Also, remember that ice packs are beneficial only when applied within 24 hours.

If you have discomfort or bleeding even after 24 hours of the procedure, do not hesitate to inform your dentist immediately. 


Now let’s discuss the don’ts- what you should not do after tooth extraction.




You should quit smoking for 48 hours at least after the tooth extraction procedure. 


The chemicals can affect the clot in the region.


Drinking alcohol & carbonated drinks


Do not drink any fizzy drinks or alcohol for at least 96 hours after the tooth extraction. Carbonated drinks are known to affect blood clots adversely in the region. I have already told you why it is so necessary that a blood clot is formed at the tooth extraction site.


Avoid crunchy food


Try to avoid grains ,seeds and any food in general that are chewy and crunchy for a day post tooth extraction. You can instead have soup and soft food that will not irritate the region. As much as possible avoid food that is too hot or too cold. 


Don’t disturb the tooth extraction region


Avoid disturbing the region with your finger or toothpick. Doing so, will not allow the blood clot to be formed properly.


So now you know what you can and what you should not do after getting a tooth extracted. 


If you are worried about the tooth extraction process or you have any concerns, then let your dentist know so they can guide you accordingly.


At our clinic, we use the latest techniques to make the tooth extraction process as comfortable as possible.


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