Best Tooth Restoration and Replacement in Whitefield | Bangalore


Tooth coloured fillings are mainly used for filling cavities as it requires minimal drilling.  Other conditions in which they are used are repair of broken and chipped teeth, closure of gaps between teeth and reshaping the teeth.


“Sculpting a new smile”

Porcelain is a ceramic material used to give a natural looking smile and provide strength comparable to natural tooth enamel.  Veneers are thin coatings that are placed on front part of the teeth and are commonly used in smile design procedures.  Veneers are sturdy and long lasting.  Minimal to no tooth shaping is required and they give a brighter smile.  Veneers are very effective in procedures done for closing gaps between front teeth, correcting minor anomalies in shape and size and misalignment of teeth.


Crown or cap procedure is done to give support to the weak tooth.  A crown is cemented on top of the tooth. Porcelain is a very popular material used to make crowns as it closely resembles natural teeth in appearance.


A bridge is done to hide the gap left by an extracted tooth.  Teeth on both sides of the gap are worked upon and are used to hold the artificial tooth in place.


Denture is a set of artificial teeth used to replace the function of some or all natural teeth. Dentures are custom designed to fit the oral cavity and give a natural look.


High quality foreign-made dental materials are used.

3M Pentamix 2 automated mixer and dispenser ensures accurate mould to give perfect fit for dentures, bridges, crowns and veneers.