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Dental Braces Whitefield | Teeth Straightening Whitefield

Fixing of Dental Braces Whitefield | Teeth Straightening Whitefield fall under the category of orthodontic treatment and is carried out by an Orthodontist.  People who have forward jutting, crooked, protruding teeth or have gaps between their teeth need dental braces to move the teeth into correct position.  By straightening the teeth and moving them into correct position, braces help creating a healthy oral outlook and an attractive smile.  Moreover, dental plaques and caries can deposit in the crevices of the crooked and crowded teeth and cleaning them becomes very difficult.  You can have jaw problems due to an improper bite which can interfere with chewing.  Orthodontic treatment is not limited to age and improves facial appearance and smile thereby increasing confidence.

Braces come in a variety of materials and are either fixed or removable.  There are metal braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces (fixed on the inside of the teeth) and Clear Path (removable clear braces).


We offer the latest USFDA approved 3D clear aligners system.  ClearPath braces are fixed on the inside of the teeth so are not visible.  Also as they are wireless there is no need to bond the metal or ceramic wires to the teeth.


  • Aligners cannot be seen from the outside and are removable, so it is not embarrassing for the patient.

  • In traditional metal braces, food particles and plaque can get deposited in the crevices of the braces making it difficult to clean them. Since aligners are fixed on the inside, it does not interfere with brushing or any other dental procedures.

  • Aligners can be easily removed, so you enjoy greater freedom with your eating habits.

  • Malocclusion can be corrected without the use of metal brackets and wires with Aligners.


    • Specialist and experienced Orthodontist carrying out the treatment.
    • A variety of options for Orthodontic treatment such as traditional metal braces, tooth coloured braces, lingual braces and ClearPath Aligners.
    • We have Dentists certified by ClearPath who carry out treatment using ClearPath Aligners.